iPhone 6 rumors: next iPhone display to feature Quantum Dot technology, report says

Credit: Apple

Forbes’ Haydn Shaughnessy believes the iPhone 6 will use the Quantum Dot technology, which is the same used in Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 7, “but with an Apple twist.”

He expects to Cupertino to build the device with a wider gamut of color than the Fire and work with Nanosys, a company with 300 patents in Quantum Dot technology, in the process.

Shaughnessy cites Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove as telling him that the first QD smartphone will “launch by mid-year.”

This news is in line with reports about a summer launch for the iPhone 6.

Another reason for believing Apple will bring a new display in the next iPhone are four recent patent the company has filed for QD technology.

Since they were filed about 18 months ago, Shaughnessy concludes that Apple may have started working on QD before that.