iPhone 6 rumors: Broadcom launches 5G Wi-Fi chip

The company said that compared with the previous 1×1 MIMO solutions, BCM4354 SoC doubles the data throughput, the Wi-Fi coverage can be expanded by 30%, and performance gets improved with about 25%.

“Smartphones have become the epicenter of today’s digital life and consumers are demanding ever increasing levels of performance and sophistication,” Dino Bekis, Broadcom’s Vice President of Marketing, Wireless Connectivity Combos, said. “As a leader in wireless connectivity solutions, Broadcom continues to deliver unprecedented features and capabilities to this demanding and rapidly growing market.”

Thanks to its dual antenna that improves both the reception and transmission, Broadcom expects to reach speeds of around 867 Mbps.

And could implement the new Broadcom chip in its future iPhone, especially since MIMO designs are already equipping the iPad Air and iPad Mini, as well as Macs.

The company says the chip is currently in production.