Emmy Rossum opens up about her diet

Natural Health

But don’t expect her svelte figure to be achieved through a strict diet. But she confesses about how she occasionally breaks the rules in an interview with Natural Health magazine.

Asked if she ever cheats when it comes to her diet, the actress, 27, responded: “Today, I ate French fries! I try not to deprive myself, because when I do I’ll eat a bunch of food really quickly in the corner of the kitchen and hope nobody notices. Because that means it doesn’t count, right?”

But in general the Shameless star has a “pretty clean” diet, which includes gluten-free products, vegetables, fruits and chicken-based meals.

“For breakfast, I’ll eat avocado on gluten-free toast that I order from New York City. It’s called Moxy Pullman—it’s made from millet, oat and fax—and it’s a hearty, five-grain-y tasting bread. It really feels like you’re eating something substantial. For lunch, I’ll have half a sandwich with chicken, avocado, tomato and lettuce, and a salad with olive oil and lemon. For dinner, I’ll eat roast chicken with asparagus and some brown rice.”

Natural Health

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