iPhone 6 rumors: release date, specs, features and others

iPhone 6 concept

This week there has been quite a lot of speculation about the launch of the next iPhone.

Apple display supplier GT Advanced will reportedly top earnings in the second half of 2014.

The news has been seen as an indicator that the iPhone 6 could be released in the fall, in line with Apple’s traditional launching schedule.

GT Advanced has also reportedly purchased everything needed for the production of over 100 million sapphire screens a year.

In addition, according to Mizuho Securities analyst Abhey Lamba the device could arrive sooner than expected.

The analyst claimed that Asian companies that provide components are collaborating on a faster pace than in previous years.

He believes that suppliers could be working to ensure supplies for Apple, who will have to deal with a huge demand after the smartphone’s release.

In terms of specs, Lamba expects the device to come in two variants, a 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch version.

He believes the iOS 8 could contain improvements in the Touch ID fingerprint reader that would support more applications.

An article by Forbes’ Haydn Shaughnessy develops on the idea that the iPhone 6 could use the Quantum Dot technology.

The writer believes the next iPhone could bring a wider gamut of color than Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 7.

He also expects Apple to work with Nanosys, a company with 300 patents in Quantum Dot technology.

Shaughnessy also claims Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove had told him that the first QD smartphone will “launch by mid-year,” which comes in support of rumors about a possible summer launch for the iPhone 6.

Another argument that he brings in support of a Quantum Dot display are four recent patents Apple has filed for QD technology.

This week Broadcom unveiled its latest smartphone chip that provides 802.11ac connectivity with 2×2 MIMO.

The BCM4354 SoC doubles the data throughput, the Wi-Fi coverage is expanded by 30%, and performance was boosted with about 25%.

The new Broadcom chip could power the iPhone 6, given that MIMO designs are already equipping the iPad Air and iPad Mini, as well as Macs.

Finally, Apple partner Imagination Technologies has unveiled components that could equip the iPhone 6.

The new chip PowerVR GX6650 reportedly offers the most powerful graphics for mobile phones and tablets.

The chip is able to process 12 pixels per clock and it could be used on tablets and 4K smart TVs.