HTC All New One appears in leaked photo

A HardForum user posted pictures of the silver version of the HTC All New One.

“Played with one today. Omg. My friend has an evaluation model from HTC. I played with it quite a bit today,” user Ron FTL said. “Software was still really buggy, Zoe didn’t work, keyboard autocorrect didn’t work and few other streams FC’d like Youtube and stuff but omfg this phone is fast. Faster than my Google Edition S4. Front camera is incredible. 4-megapixel front-facing camera. Was really crisp. Didn’t get a chance to try out the dual rear camera but it was amazing. Thinner than the 2013 One and taller. I’m going to try and play with it a bit more, but I’m already sold on it.”

The photos reveal the front and back sides of the next HTC One.

The HTC All New One is expected to be released on March 25th in New York and London.

The company recently unveiled a teaser video for its next smartphone.

Via Phandroid