iPhone 6 rumors: next iPhone could look like iPhone 5C and iPod Nano

iPhone 6C concept

A new rumor about the design of the future iPhone comes from the Japanese blog Macotakara which has proved to be a reliable source in the past.

According to a source cited by the publication, the design of the device will be halfway between the iPhone 5C and iPod Nano.

This new model will have the same button designs, speaker and microphone hole designs and rounded back edges of the 5C.

The publication writes that the 4.7-inch variant will measure 14 x 7 cm, while the 5.7-inch device will measure 16 x 8 cm.

Both models could be 7 mm thick and the rear camera might have a protruding aspect but the final version of the device could be bumped to 7.5 mm thick.

The report also writes that the smartphone will arrive in sizes of 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch and that the handsets will launch later this year.