iWatch rumors: new patent mentions pedometer for wearable devices

iWatch concept

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent application that details the enhancements to a pedometer on your wrist.

Titled “Wrist pedometer step detection,” the document talks about how a pedometer can be optimized in order to offer more precision.

This smart pedometer would be able to offer more information about the user.

The document reads: “In some implementations, optimizations for detecting steps when a pedometer is worn at a user’s wrist are described. In some implementations, a threshold crossing step detection method can be enhanced for wrist locations by counting the number of positive peaks between comparison threshold crossings, adjusting a minimum peak-to-peak threshold for qualifying threshold crossings, and inferring a second step based on the amount of time between threshold crossings. In some implementations, the pedometer can automatically determine that the pedometer is being worn on a user’s wrist.”

The patent filing has led to speculation that the rumored iWatch could integrate such sensors.

Via AppleInsider