iPhone 6 rumors: release date, features, specs, design and others

iPhone 6 concept

Cult of Mac analyzed Corning Gorilla Glass senior vice president Tony Tripeny’s statements about the use of sapphire displays in smartphones during a Morgan Stanley conference.

The site wrote that his arguments against the use of such a technology could be an indicator that Apple is planning on introducing a smartphone with a sapphire screen.

A report by ZDNet Korea stated that Apple and TMSC, which has been rumored to be the sole manufacturer of the A8 processor, have signed an agreement and production is set to start.

However, the publication also wrote that Samsung is set to manufacture the chip at its Austin, Texas, plant in which they heavily invested.

A source told the site that the iPhone 6 is likely to arrive in the third quarter.

Also in release rumors was a report about the estimates made by Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair and Andy Hargreaves at Pacific Crest.

The two analysts believe the iPhone 6 will be launched in the fall.

In addition, Pacific Crest’s Andy Hargreaves believes Cupertino will bring two new iPhones this year: a 4.7-inch model and a phablet-sized device measuring 5.7 inches.

Hargreaves expects the contract price to be increased to $299 from the current $199 for the iPhone 5S.

He also forecasts that a larger-screen iPhone and a higher cost would push the average selling price (ASP) for the smartphone from $605 to $641.

Regarding the design of the smartphone, Japanese blog Macotakara cited a source that claimed the handset will bear influence from the iPhone 5C and iPod Nano.

The new version will feature the same button designs, speaker and microphone hole designs and rounded back edges of the 5C.

The device is said to arrive in sizes of 4.7 and 5.7 inches, it will measure14 x 7 cm and it will be 7 mm thick.

According to DigiTimes Research, GT Advanced will only produce from 9% to 16% of sapphire displays for the next iPhone, based on the company’s forecast sales of $188 to $348 million.

And finally no week goes by without iPhone concepts.

SET Solution created the “iPhone 6 ​​The Dream” mockup which offers an interactive display and a new feature that allows a hologram projection of the left and right sides of the device.

Another eye-catching concept of the smartphone was offered by graphic designer Arthur Reis, who imagined the device as a combination between the iPad Air and the current iPhones.

British designer Sam Beckett created perhaps the most realistic iPhone 6 concept so far.

Called iPhone Air, the handset appears thinner and wider, with a 4.7-inch sapphire crystal display and a 10-megapixel camera.