iPhone 6 rumors: new graphics architecture could bring ray-tracing tech

iPhone 6 concept

3D games on the iPhone 6 could soon use realistic shadows and reflections.

Apple supplier Imagination Technologies has announced a new mobile graphics version that includes ray-tracing capabilities.

“For the better part of the last eight years, we have been busy developing unique hardware and software technologies to radically lower the cost and dramatically increase the efficiency and performance of ray tracing,” a post on the company’s blog reads.

“This work culminates at GDC 2014 with the official launch of the PowerVR Wizard GPU family, a range of IP processors that offer high-performance ray tracing, graphics and compute in a power envelope suitable for mobile and embedded use cases. This opens up the potential of highly photorealistic, computer generated imagery to a host of new real-time applications and markets not previously possible.”

The new PowerVR GR6500 comes with significant improvements in performance, especially with regard to the effects of light in image rendering.

The objects in games and 3D graphics applications appear to be more realistic, with perfect transparency and reflection and more accurate shadow effects.

Via MacRumors