Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert ‘would be awesome parents,’ Luke Bryan says

Miranda Lambert/Twitter

“I don’t plan on having [children] for a while,” the singer told PEOPLE Country. “To me, my dogs are my children.”

But according to singer Luke Bryan, when the happily-married couple will decide to become parents, they will be wonderful.

“He’ll be a great dad,” the father of two boys told E! News. “I would imagine he and Miranda certainly have plans for a big family, but they’re busy. Busy, busy people.”

“But I know both of them would be awesome parents,” he concluded.

Pregnancy rumors have circulated for some time now, but the country stars denied the speculation each time.

“For the record, I’m not pregnant—I’m drinking—and I’m not getting divorced,” she said last year during the CMA Songwriters Series show in Boston.

“I’ve been pregnant, having twins, we’ve been separated, I’m drunk and alone, pregnant again, then we’re having twins again, and now we’re getting divorced!” Lambert listed several tabloid stories.

“I can’t even name the stuff,” she added.

Last May, Beverly Lambert, the singer’s mother, told RadarOnline that when her daughter will become pregnant she will be the first to know.

“They are totally not expecting!” Beverly Lambert said, responding to pregnancy rumors.

“And I’m fairly certain that I would be the first person to know,” she added.

On May 14, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert will celebrate three years of marriage.