iWatch rumors: possible implementation of UV light exposure sensor

iWatch concept

Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis recently expressed the suspicion that Apple’s iWatch might be equipped with a UV sensor that will serve to track UV sun exposure.

He claims that Texas-based Silicon Labs have begun operations to mass produce UV sensors.

The new sensors were unveiled by the company in February 2014 and were described as “ideal for activity-tracking wrist and arm bands, smart watches and smartphone handsets.”

“These chips measure UV exposure to aid those with elevated risk of sunburn or just a general concern about excessive sun exposure, and we believe they may be of appealing [sic] to OEMs looking to differentiate in a crowded market,” Curtis wrote.

Besides measuring UV radiation, they are also capable of tracking heart rate, pulse, blood oximetry levels, and provide proximity and gesture control by means of infrared and ambient light methods.

Curtis expects the iWatch to be released by the end of 2014 and Apple to sell 10 million units of the device.

Via AppleInsider