iPhone 6 leaked photo reveals bigger display size

French blog Nowhereelse.fr has published a leaked photo from a Foxconn factory which apparently confirms that the next Apple smartphone will be a 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

The image shows the old iPhone 4S in comparison with one of the molds present in the assembly that is producing the new iPhone.

Steve at Nowhereelse.fr measured the size of the body on the mold and concluded that it measures 138 mm in length by 64 mm in width.

Later, on the same scale, he takes an iPhone 5S and superimposes it on the mold to see that it matched perfectly.

He thus obtains a diagonal of 12 cm which is equivalent to a screen of 4.7 inches, rumored for months to be the dimensions of one of the screens for the iPhone 6.

Other iPhone 6 images that showed the alleged molds and design schematics of the devices leaked online on Sunday.