iPhone 6 leaked photos shows front panel

The leaked images, posted to Sina Weibo by user jiezhixc (via iPhon.fr), show what could be the front panel of the iPhone 6 with an iPhone 5 posted beside it.

The new display is much larger than the current model and could therefore measure approximately 4.7 inches, which is in line with the latest speculation.

Besides the difference in size, the rest of the details show a typical iPhone front panel, with cutouts for the speaker, ambient light sensor, and the home button placed under the screen.

In addition, the panel borders appear thinner than its predecessors, seemingly confirming rumors about a slimmer design.

This is the latest in a series of leaked photos that have surfaced online in the past few days, allegedly showing molds in the assembly that is producing the iPhone 6, new cases or mockups and case designs on display at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.