iPhone 6 case vs. iPhone 5S, Nexus 5 and Galaxy Note 3 – VIDEO

Unbox Therapy has come up with a video comparing this pink silicone case with various smartphones already commercially available, including the iPhone 5S, Nexus 5 and Galaxy Note 3.

The clip gives an impression of what the next iPhone will look like compared to the other devices and screen sizes.

The case presented is for a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 with an opening for the power button on the side. Furthermore, the smartphone is thinner than its predecessor.

The Nexus 5 appears to correspond with a few millimeters to the dimensions of the iPhone 6, whereas the Galaxy Note 5 seems significantly bigger than the Apple smartphone.

According to a report, the device will feature rounded edges similar to the iPhone 3G, and a display made ​​of curved glass.