iPhone 6 concept with redesigned iOS 8

Created by TechRadar, the clip shows what applications could come with iOS 8 and they include a redesigned Notifications center, the integration of Shazam into Siri or new security features to CarPlay among others.

The concept features synchronization with iWatch as the Healthbook app would gather information from the smartwatch and keep track of the user’s physical performance, including heart rate, blood sugar, blood pressure, fitness activity and sleep among others.

There are also new applications such as TextEdit, which acts as a text editor, or Preview, an app for viewing documents whatever their format.

The Notification Center was completely revised, with multiple panes. Functions such as calls, messages or emails are available on the first page and the user can click on them to go to the dedicated application.

CarPlay, the system for using an iOS device in your car by integrating the operating system into the multimedia system control, is also featured in the clip.

Finally, Sazam appears to be integrated into Siri, with the voice assistant offering the music results by simply asking a question.

Watch TechRadar’s iOS 8 concept video below.