iPhone 6 rumors: sapphire cost may limit production of phablet device

iPhone 6 concept

According to a new post on Weibo citing supply chain sources (via GforGames), the sapphire displays would be difficult to produce and could cost a lot more.

The report indicates that material costs are rising and the final cost of the production would be higher.

The use of the material should reach the sum of $280 which will then be added to the price of other components. By contrast, the total cost of production for the iPhone 5S was around $200.

“These latest reports suggest that the sapphire screen costs around 1743 yuan (or $280), which would raise the final cost of the device to about 8000 yuan (or $1285) – at least in China. At the moment, the 16 GB iPhone 5S costs 5288 yuan in China ($850), whereas the beefier 64 GB variant is retailed at the price of 6888 yuan (or $1106),” GforGames notes.

Apple will reportedly review its plans and limit the production of the bigger iPhone 6 to 10 million copies.

The report echoes analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s claims from a few weeks ago. In his view, only the 64 GB version of the phablet iPhones will be equipped with sapphire.