iPhone 6 rumors: AT&T announces voice-over-LTE calling service

The new plan will allow users to make calls while browse the Internet at the same time, which is currently still quite problematic.

It will also be possible to make a call and continue browsing the net without interruption of any kind.

AT&T said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will be the first mobile device to use the service.

Apple announced the iPhone 5 will support HD audio calls on some operator networks. Although the iPhone chip supports calls over LTE, it is currently not supported on iOS.

However, it is expected the iPhone 6 that will be released this fall and the iOS 8 will complement each other to support VoLTE calls.

This project will be tested in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin, starting May 23rd.

Besides AT&T, Japan’s major carier NTT DoCoMo has announced the implementation of VoLTE support in June.

Via AT&T