iPhone 6 rumors: NFC integration for future iPhone, Morgan Stanley analysts say

Morgan Stanley analysts believe Apple will soon bring NFC equipment in the next iPhone.

According to analyst Craig Hettenbach, NFC technology has now reached a critical point son an iPhone with NFC will play a crucial role in Apple’s future.

A recent patent application details an NFC-based wallet that enables users to make purchases wirelessly through their phone.

Cupertino is also working on adapting its in-store system sales to one that supports NFC.

According to Morgan Stanley, Apple collaborates with NXP to provide the required wireless hardware.

NXP signed a licensing agreement with a client in late 2013, which the analyst believe to be Apple, in connection with its ID business.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculated about NFC support for the iPhone in his Apple forecasts.

Source: MacRumors