Apple to unveil a new software platform at WWDC 2014 for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV

According to sources cited by the Financial Times, Apple is rumored to be planning the launch of a new software platform that could turn the iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV into a remote control for the house, which can control the lights, the system security and other appliances.

This platform could be presented next week at the WWDC keynote, allowing manufacturers and developers to create compatible products and accessories.

For instance, lights that automatically turn on when a user with an iPhone enters the home is one such possible new feature.

The report reads: “Apple’s integrated system will make it easier to set up and control new “smart home” devices. For example, a home’s lights might automatically come on when the owner enters the house, using their iPhone to wirelessly signal their arrival. Such a system was outlined in an Apple patent filing, published in November last year.”

“The scheme will be similar to Apple’s existing “Made for iPhone” label, given to compatible headphones, speakers and other accessories, but with a new brand and logo. Apple may also provide additional checks and assurances that certified products are not vulnerable to hackers.”

Previous reports claimed that Apple will present several new features for iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 at WWDC.