iPhone 6 rumors: release date, features, leaks and others

iPhone 6 concept

Chinese site Laoyaoba reported that Apple is collaborating with Chinese manufacturing company Sunwoda Electronics to provide 20 million batteries for the next iPhone.

The report noted that 20 million 5.5-inch units will be produced by the end of 2014.

Following a visit to the computer show Computex in Taiwan, Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White wrote that production of accessories for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is ramped up.

He expects the device to be launched in October, while the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 could arrive a month earlier.

According to VentureBeat, the iPhone 6 could have NFC capabilities for mobile payment and a wireless charging system.

The handset could be equipped with a “surface under the shell which connects to an inductive charging surface for energy transfer.”

The iPhone 6 could also have three times more pixels, passing the “base resolution” of 568 x 320 to a 1,704 x 960 resolution.

French site Nowhereelse.fr posted several images that present the front, back and the edges of the shell for the next iPhone.

The chassis is made ​​of one piece, like the last two iPhones.

The left side features the standard mute switch and elongated volume controls and on the right there is a SIM tray and the power button.

There is also a hole for the camera flash that is round and not oval as on the iPhone 5S, but most importantly, the Apple logo on the back appears to be carved.

The report adds that an indicator light that will illuminate for new messages, alerts or missed calls could be incorporated.