Miranda Lambert on how Blake Shelton helps her deal with the rumors


In an interview with Huffington Post, Miranda reveals that she and her husband Blake Shelton weren’t so much the subject of tabloid fodder until he became a judge on The Voice in 2011.

“I mean, we’re country singers, we make our albums, we go on tour, we spend a lot of time in Nashville and then a lot of time in Oklahoma, in a town of 3,100 people. And he gets on ‘The Voice’ and all of a sudden it’s like a page turned,” she told Huffington Post.

Rumors that have targeted the couple lately had to do with an alleged pregnancy or even a possible separation.

“We were in the tabloids, like on the front of magazines, like: breakup rumors — I’ve been pregnant for three years,” she said jokingly. “It’s a miracle, can you believe it?”

“It took a while to get used to, it kind of caught me off guard. My friends are like, ‘is this true? Is this happening?’ I’m like, ‘I haven’t even seen it, what are you talking about?’ Then I go to the grocery story and I’m buying milk and bread, and then my face is right there with some kind of lie. But now I’m used to it.”

Lambert revealed that her husband’s attitude has helped her deal with the speculation.

“He’s so laid back and so good about being like, ‘why are you letting it bother you?’ So good about calling me — because I’m the more intense one in the relationship anyways. I’m the girl, so I’m more moody and emotional, you know how we are. And so he’s like, ‘just don’t worry about it.’ He was really good about making me brush it off, so now we’re good,” she said.

“It’s all funny, and now we can laugh and tweet about it — our fans tweet back at us and laugh. Knowing that no one really takes it seriously is what keeps it lighthearted.”

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