iPhone 6 rumors: release date, leaks, features and others

A new rumor suggests that both the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch model will be released on September 25.

This comes in contradiction to a recent rumor that claimed September 19 was the actual launch date for the next iPhones.

China Times reported this week that the new backlight technology for the display could cause delays in the production of the iPhone 6.

A report by Japanese newspaper Nikkei claimed that leaked parts do not offer a realistic image of the future iPhone.

The publication wrote that the plastic strips and metal frames around the antenna won’t appear on the device itself, and that they will be completely covered by glass.

This week was also rife with numerous leaked photos and renders of the highly-anticipated device.

An interesting video presented the iOS 8 running an iPhone 6.

The operating system is shown working on a 4.7-inch screen with 4 rows of home screen icons that seem to be larger than on the iPhone 5S.

It also gives an idea of how one-handed operability could function.

The most realistic iPhone 6 render yet was shared by 9to5Mac, based on leaks and rumors about the handset.

The images present the rumored rounded edges and a 4.7-inch display and a relocated power button among others.

The same site published leaked photos of the iPhone 6 front panel obtained from Sonny Dickson.

The iPhone panel is placed alongside that of the previous generation device, with the main differences being the presence of a new hole on the left of the ear speaker and the rounded corners.

A video posted by Chinese blog iFanr [via Nowhereelse.fr] shows the same components in comparison to that of the iPhone 5/5S.

Other leaked images of the iPhone 6 were posted on imgur.com and they showed what appears be a pair of flex cables.

Finally, gold, silver and space gray renders of the iPhone 6 were created by Nicolàs Aichino and Tomas Moyano to give an idea of the design of the device.