iPhone 6 rumors: features, components, release date, leaks and others

A report by Chinese site IT168 claimed that a larger battery will equip both models of the next iPhone.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou announced this week that 10,000 robots will be deployed to its assembly lines.

However, the “Foxbots” will only assist humans, not replace them, by taking care of routine tasks such as tightening screws or polishing components.

Other rumors from China claim the next iPhone will feature a haptic display which will allow the user to feel vibrations at different intensities depending on the different apps and specific areas of the screen.

Details about Apple’s A8 SoC emerged as well, with reports alleging it will have 2.0 GHz or more per core and that it will have a 64-bit dual-core architecture.

In addition, Taiwan’s Business Weekly reported that Apple has placed orders for 68 million iPhone 6 units to its Asian suppliers, making it twice the orders placed for the iPhone 5 in 2012.

The report added that at least one of the iPhone 6 models will enter mass production this month, in time for a September launch.

This week was also rife with countless leaked photos and videos of different parts of the rumored smartphone.

One interesting video that drew much attention was the one posted by blogger Sonny Dickson that demonstrates the flexibility of the device’s front panel.

Another clip posted by the same famed leaker showed the dimensions of a 4.7-inch front panel, as well as one-handed operability.

The strength of the handset’s display was also tested by YouTube user Marques Brownlee who used a knife and keys on the front panel, and eventually found that the glass remains impeccable.

Leaked photos of the iPhone 6 were published by Nowhereelse.fr and they pshowcased the front panel of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in both white and black versions.

Czech blog Letem svetem Applem published three photos that showed the volume buttons, the power button and three SIM card trays.

The SIM trays could actually be an indicator that the iPhone 6 might be available in silver, space gray and gold.

A leaked blurry photo was also posted by Apple.Club.tw, presenting the LCD frame of the iPhone 6, with the metal shielding for the LCD screen and the metal bracket that covers the home button.

Finally, a concept of the device, named iPhone 6 Pro, was created by designer Vishal Bhanushali, attempted to imagine a very thin smartphone with a curved screen.

A report by Bloomberg in late June claimed that the production of the iPhone 6 models is expected to start in July, with a possible release of both models at the same time in September.