iPhone 6 rumors: sapphire display cost and supply could be problematic

An article explains how sapphire can be a good material for the iPhone 6 screen, but too expensive to mass manufacture.

Engadget’s Brad Molen interviewed influential smartphone industry representatives and found that sapphire may not be the dream material after all.

Sapphire glass would be unsuitable in the current state of development for the mass production of smartphones displays.

“The cost and supply aren’t where we’d like them to be for sapphire to be practical just yet,” LG spokesman Ken Hong said. “Sapphire’s durability and scratch-resistance are certainly attractive, but Gorilla Glass isn’t going to be displaced anytime soon.”

Another representative is also skeptical of sapphire which is very brittle.

“The sapphire is too hard to withstand bending. It’s easier to break during drop tests when the size of sapphire increases,” he said.

Apple is known to have signed a deal with GT Advanced, a company that processes sapphire, and many analysts believe that the new facility will provide iPhone sapphire glass screens.