Miranda Kerr denies rumors she’s dating James Packer, enjoys being single


After separating from Orlando Bloom, the beautiful Australian model has been the target of numerous rumors of relationships but she has so far denied any flirting.

Usually very discreet about her private life, Miranda wanted to put an end to rumors that claimed she was in a relationship with businessman James Packer.

“We’ve been friend for years. [Rumours] happen all the time with me, it happens to Orlando [too]. We understand it. As long as we both know [the truth], then it doesn’t really matter what people think. People can speculate as much as they like,” she recently told Sun Herald.

The 31-year-old Victoria’s Secret model revealed she is annoyed by the constant rumors about her life.

“What I don’t appreciate is when [media] show things out of context,” she explains. “You’re with a friend and then they assume that just because you’re with a friend it’s suddenly: that’s your new partner. People just assume, just because you’re going to have a coffee with someone or have dinner, then suddenly you’re dating!”

Miranda now prefers to concentrate on her son Flynn, 3, and explains how she manages to juggle career and motherhood.

“Planning and routines. My grandmother taught me the importance of routine, because she had four children and had many grandchildren. She said that it’s important for children to have a routine and structure [so] that they feel comfortable and safe. So I try to do that as much as I can. With [my son] Flynn, if I go away for a day or two, he’ll stay in his routine and have that structure and then if I go somewhere for over 10 days – like for instance when I was here in Australia – I bring him and then we have our routine here in Australia.”

Asked whether she wants to meet someone right now, Kerr said she is comfortable with her life as a single working mom.

“I’m really happy and content to just be single at the moment and to be focusing on Flynn and my work. It keeps me very occupied. Of course going on a date here and there is fine if it fits into the schedule,” she said with a laugh.