Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber had a fight over Miranda Kerr?

Orlando Bloom has reportedly attempted to punch Justin Bieber on Wednesday in a Spanish club in Ibiza.

TMZ wrote that, according to a version of the story, Orlando came into altercation with Bieber after he was allegedly offended by the British actor.

In fact, the site reported that they have received different versions of the incident, the other being that the Canadian singer extended his hand to Bloom and he refused it.

Bloom didn’t reportedly manage to punch Bieber in the altercation.

Rumors have circulated in the media alleging that Orlando’s former wife, Miranda Kerr, and Justin Bieber got close after a Victoria’s Secret show in November 2012.

The story seems a little strange taking into consideration Bieber’s age in 2012, as he turned 18 on March 1 that year, while Miranda Kerr was 29 at the time. Plus, the supermodel was still married to Bloom in 2012.

Also, Bloom was photographed together with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, at a party in April this year.

Another strange thing is that after the incident Justin published a photo on his Instagram account with Miranda Kerr in a swimsuit and associated an image of a crown symbol to it. Later, the picture was deleted.


He also posted a picture of Bloom, who was apparently crying.


Anyway, all this fuss in based on rumors. And yet why did this accident happen?