iPhone 6 rumors: 5.5-inch phablet could get more powerful processor than 4.7-inch model

Credit: Chipworks

According to Cowen & Co. analyst Timothy Arcuri, who cites Asian supply chain sources, the 5.5-inch iPhone could come with a more powerful processor than the 4.7-inch variant of the smartphone, AppleInsider reports.

The analyst also said that the phablet iPhone’s processor could have a larger die, which could indicate that the chips for the two models might be fabricated in different plants and using different processes.

The same strategy was adopted with the iPad line, where the A7 chip in the iPad Air was clocked at 1.39 gigahertz, while the same component in the Retaina iPad mini had 1.29 gigahertz.

The idea that Apple would choose to build the two chips differently shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Last week leaked photos published by Chinese repair firm GeekBar showed the logic boards of the next iPhone models bearing two different serial numbers and several distinct aspects in design and the screw hole layout.

Arcuri also expects the two iPhones to feature different touch modules. TPK is Apple’s current supplier of iPhone touch modules, but the manufacturer is also rumored to be responsible for the production of silver nanowire-based parts for the iWatch.