iPhone 6 rumors: faster Wi-Fi, A8 chip, NFC, no sapphire display

iPhone 6 concept

Citing a source familiar with the matter, VentureBeat reports that both the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone models will be introduced at the rumored September 9th event.

However, while the 4.7-inch version is said to arrive in mid-September, the 5.5-inch phablet could ship several weeks or even a month later.

An important rumor that is echoed by VentureBeat’s source is the one claiming that Apple may not implement a sapphire display into its next flagship smartphone.

The insider notes that the material will be “slightly harder than Gorilla Glass but not as hard as sapphire.”

The handset is also expected to pack a 2.0GHz A8 chip that will bring “noticeably faster response time and graphics rendering.”

In addition, NFC capabilities and802.11ac WiFi were also among the rumored new specs, with the source mentioning the use of Qualcomm’s MDM9x35 modem, NXP and Broadcom chips.

The Touch ID is said to come with several improvements that will help to “speed up read times, cut down on false rejections, and improve security for mobile payments and biometrics.”

Finally, another possible feature of the next iPhones is a “handshake” technology that could connect the smartphone with the Beats headphones using the Lightning connector.