iPhone 6 clone shown to passersby as the real iPhone 6

In a new video posted by YouTube user Jonathan Morrisontook Goophone’s “i6” clone is taken to Hollywood Boulevard and presented as the real iPhone 6.

The handset is presented as having an “A10” processor, an eight-day battery life and an 8K sapphire display with 3D capabilities.

The prank passed the test with most individuals who were presented the so-called “iPhone 6, with one man exclaiming that the display “looked much clearer” than that of his iPhone 5S.

When asked “How many milliamps does it have?” Morrison answers “7,000”, which makes the person wonder, “How does that fit in there?!”

A woman thought the resolution of the photos was too high for its display, while the “26-core” processor left another man extremely surprised.

Watch the video below.