iPhone 6 leaked photos show recessed volume buttons, possible Liquidmetal Apple logo

Last month Moscow-based luxury company Feld & Volk published photos and a video of the smartphone’s rear shell that was in prototype stage.

Now the company claims to have gotten their hands on the completed version of the rear case for the 4.7-inch iPhone and the images present new aspects that haven’t been captured in previous leaks.

Firstly, the volume button cutouts appear to have been recessed, most likely meant to accommodate a lower profile and to help avoid accidental volume changes.

Another feature pictured is an external ring for the device’s rear camera and it is claimed that the iPhone 6 will come with a protruding camera.

The embedded Apple logo is also shown in the leaks, looking very much like the logo on the first iPhone released in 2007.

Feld & Volk claims that the part is made from a “very extraordinary” scratch-resistant metal and suggests it could be a Liquidmetal alloy.

Finally, a long flexible cable that was previously spotted in recent photo leaks is presented in the images, and the report notes that it might be destined for the Home button.

Via MacRumors