iPhone 6 rumors: suppliers’ increased revenues suggest iPhone 6 shipments

iPhone 6 concept

Reports by Digitimes announce that sales of at least 3 suppliers for Cupertino have increased last month and are expected to continue rising in the coming months.

Simplo and Dynapack, the companies dealing with the batteries of the upcoming iPhone, have reported an increase in revenue during July.

Simplo garnered an income of $160 million, which corresponds to a yearly growth of 6.69%, while Dynapack International Technology registered a $77 million increase, up 1.34% compared to last year.

Chassis manufacturer Catcher Technology consolidated revenues of $155 million in July, up 36.79% compared to 2013.

The reports note that in addition to laptop and tablet orders, the revenue growth in July is also due to iPhone 6 orders.

In the third quarter, sales of the three suppliers are expected to increase thanks to orders for the next Apple smartphone.

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