Female country singers in their 30s – TOP 5

And indeed through their songs country stars bring out touching stories like Johnny Cash once said, “of emotions, of love, of breakup, of love and hate and death and dying, mama, apple pie, and the whole thing.”

The country artists palette is very wide, and we’ve chose five female singers who are in their 30s, including LeAnn Rimes, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer and Kelly Clarkson. With the mention that Kelly Clarkson sings pop/rock music, but also country music.

Below you have two songs from each country artist, and we want to ask which is your favorite. Apart from songs you have singers’ quotes about country or music in general.

Miranda Lambert

  • Miranda Lambert – Over You

  • Miranda Lambert – Mama’s Broken Heart

“Heartbreak is good fuel for country songs. And cheating. That’s the reason I love people like Merle Haggard, it’s painful and you can hear it. Falling in love is awesome, but I’m never drawn to happy songs per se, so whenever you sit down to write a heartbreak song and you’re happily in love, it’s like, “OK, now I have to go back to a sad place to get something good.”

[The Daily Beast interview]

“When people heard ‘The House That Built Me,’ they said, ‘That’s not cheesy.’ There’s been a shift: Country music is popular music now. Every other genre wants to come over to our land.”

[W Magazine interview]

Carrie Underwood

  • ‪Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats

  • Carrie Underwood – Two Black Cadillacs‬

“I respect country music because I feel like it’s more about the talent and the songwriting and I put on a big show and we have a lot of stuff, but I feel confident in myself enough as an artist and a singer that I can have all of those fun toys and know that we don’t need all the bells and whistles either.”

[Chicago Tribune interview]

“I grew up listening to everything. I have such a love for music, but I don’t want to make the same album over and over again. I love that I can sing a song like “Blown Away” and then turn around and sing a song like “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun.” One has this amazing country story line with the music that fits the song. I’m not gonna try to make it something that it’s not. I’m not gonna think, ‘I need to “countrify” this by adding more fiddles and steel guitar.’ We do creatively what the song wants. And “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” — you couldn’t get more country than that.”

[Chicago Tribune interview]

LeAnn Rimes

  • ‪LeAnn Rimes – One Way Ticket‬

  • LeAnn Rimes – Blue

“Reba McEntire came through town when I lived in Texas. She had this amazing theatrical show with, like, 13 different wardrobe changes.I was eight and I was like, ‘Wow, I wanna do that!'”

[Time Out interview]

“I’m approaching these topics through my music, but at the same time, it’s not just the specific situations — these are real human emotions.”

[The View interview]

Kelly Clarkson

  • Kelly Clarkson – Tie It Up‬

  • Kelly Clarkson – Don’t Rush

“Even though I’m a pop singer, I really have more the life of a country singer.I put on the Hank Williams and the Patsy Cline and the Rosemary Clooney on vinyl — I’m not trying to be some cool indie-rock person, I just love the way it sounds — and throw on a T-shirt and jeans. In Texas, we practically come out of the womb in jeans.”

[Lucky Magazine interview]

“I think one thing you could probably say for all my albums is that they’re all pretty eclectic pop. There’s always a little bit of urban influence, some dance, a little bit of country, singer-songwriter, pop-rock. I like everything! On every album you can find that.”

[Digital Spy. interview]

Jana Kramer

  • J‪ana Kramer – Why Ya Wanna

  • ‪Jana Kramer – Whiskey‬

“I’ve always had a niche for entertaining since I was a little girl. I was 5 years old, onstage singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” — a rock version — and I was always wanting to entertain. But I think the biggest thing for me is just country music has helped me get through the worst times of my life and the best times of my life. And I just want to give that back to people.”

[CMT interview]

“My mom wanted to be a country singer, too, so country was always being played. And my girlfriends and I used to go to concerts, like Brad Paisley, in middle school and high school.”

[CMT interview]

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