iPhone 6 leaked photos reveal Apple logo, camera ring, True Tone flash

Photos published by Nowhereelse.fr add to the major wave of leaks that have surfaced on the net lately.

One such leaked component is the camera ring that has a different design compared to previous models as it looks much like the one on the iPod touch.

The site speculates that this could be a component of the next generation iPod.

Regarding the logo, Apple hasn’t ​​used an embedded logo in this way since the first iPhone in 2007.

As for the LED flash in the pics, it seems there are both white and amber LEDs in a single round part now, which denotes a True Tone flash.

The module is part of a flex cable that also incorporates a logic board connector, a microphone, a power button and the round True Tone flash.

The other components relate to the hole for the headphone jack, the enclosure around the Touch ID Home button and the Lightning port connector.

A series of photos that are in line with the embedded Apple logo and external camera ring were leaked on the web last week by luxury vendor Feld & Volk.