iPhone 6 rumors: iOS 8 code reveals new possible screen resolution

iPhone 6 mockup

The iOS 8 is currently still in the beta phase and developers are exploring the innovations in the operating system.

9to5Mac has analyzed the source of the files found in this beta version of iOS.

In a configuration file of the iOS 8’s “Springboard” application, the site found a reference to an unknown iPhone with a definition of 414 pixels on the width and 736 pixels on the length.

But to achieve the resolution we have to multiply by two the number of actual pixels calculated in the Xcode.

With the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5, the SDK shows the resolution at 320 x 568 pixels, but the actual resolution was however doubled ​​to 640 x 1136 pixels.

The same calculation applied to the new iOS 8 file would result in an 828 x 1472 pixels resolution that could satisfy both screen sizes of the iPhone 6.

Besides sharpening, the main advantage of a resolution of this kind is the number of icons that can be inserted within a screen.