iPhone 6 rumors: sapphire glass may be unlikely at launch

According to investment firm J.P. Morgan, the possibility that Apple will be able to produce sapphire crystal in sufficient quantities for all the iPhone 6 this year isn’t high.

In a statement released Monday, Analyst Rod Hall referred to a report by The Wall Street Journal from last week which claimed that a premium iPhone with a sapphire display will be released this year, but with a higher price to consumers.

“Although we have channel indications that some sapphire devices will be produced, we actually lean toward Apple selling no sapphire phones this year,” Rod Hall writes.

“On sapphire as a feature — we see it as a huge phone seller. The screens are reportedly unscratchable (except by diamond) and virtually indestructible. We believe most people will want sapphire when and if it ever becomes available.”

Hall believes that the production costs remain too high even though GT Advanced Technologies, Apple’s manufacturing partner, has acquired the Twin Creeks.

The said company uses a manufacturing system called Hyperion which might significantly reduce the production cost of sapphire screens.

Hall expects some iPhone 6 units to be released this year using a sapphire glass screen, but perhaps only the most expensive smartphones.