iPhone 6 rumors: release date delay, NFC, reversible USB connector and others

iPhone 6 mockup

Production of displays for the iPhone 6 is set to start at the end of this month, The Guardian reported, adding that GT Advanced Technologies, who is in charge of the production, will reach full operational capacity in early 2015.

However, a more recent report by Reuters states that issues with the display backlight have put the production on hold for a while this summer, which may result in delays in the rumored September 9th release date or a limited number of units available at launch.

Speaking of display, The Wall Street Journal reported that only high-end models of the iPhone 6 will incorporate sapphire glass given that the production of such panels is very expensive.

Analyst Rod Hall at J.P. Morgan is of the same opinion, as he believes Apple won’t be able to produce enough sapphire crystal for all the iPhone 6 units this year.

Also in the display rumors, the front and rear panel of an assembled 4.7-inch iPhone 6 were leaked by luxury iPhone vendor Feld & Volk on Instagram, showing a thinner design that looks much like the latest iPod Touch or iPad mini.

The same luxury phone reseller placed the devices display under a microscope in order to calculate the resolution of the screen which turned out to be 1704 x 960 pixels.

The first pictures of the back shell of the 5.5 inches iPhone 6, also called iPhone 6L, were revealed by Evasi0nJailbreak.com.

A beta version of the iOS 8 was analyzed by 9to5Mac who found a reference to an unknown iPhone with a definition of 414 pixels on the width and 736 pixels on the length.

Given that the number of actual pixels calculated in the Xcode has to be multiplied by two in order to achieve the final resolution, the calculation results in an 828 x 1472 pixels resolution for both models of the iPhone 6.

Chinese site dianxinshouji.com.cn came with the news that the highly-anticipated smartphone could bring along a new Lightning cable with a reversible connector on both ends.

Renowned leaks specialist Sonny Dickson shared a photo of such a reversible USB connector on both ends.

NFC is also among the rumored new features of the device as suggested by a set of schematics posted on Weibo by GeekBar. The same Chinese repair firm leaked schematics that suggest a 128GB version of the next iPhone could become reality in September.

Apple.club.tw jumped on the leaks bandwagon and came with a detailed image of a protruding camera ring of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Another leak of this same component was shared by French site iGen.fr that managed to get hold of snapshots with the dimensions of both the 4.7 and 5.5 inches iPhone 6.

The measurements suggest that the camera ring could increase the thickness of the handset.

uSwitch posted leaked photos of the iPhone 6 front panel on Friday in order to demonstrate single-hand use of the device.

A faster LTE Advanced modem could also be among the specs of the next iPhone as a leaked photo of the logic board was posted by GeekBar on Weibo, showing the device might be equipped with Qualcomm’s MDM9625 LTE modem.

An ad posted on Chinese social network Weibo by China Telecom seemingly confirmed the iPhone 6 with what could be the first official image of the device.

And finally, a comparison between the Apple smartphone and the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Alpha was captured in amazing 3D renders by Martin Hajek.