iPhone 6 Phosphorus leaks could point to barometric pressure sensor

Leaked schematics posted online by GeekBar on Weibo showing a “Phosphorus” component pointed to the existence of what was thought to be the M8 coprocessor integrated into the A8 chip.

However, MacRumors forum poster leecbaker believes the component is not the future M7 coprocessor, but rather a barometric pressure sensor.

“The chip pictured has the part number BMP282. I’m 99.99% sure this is a Bosch barometric pressure sensor, similar to this part BMP280. Variants of one part often have slightly different part numbers- if Apple got Bosch to customize the chip for them with different packaging, or a slightly different measurement range, that would explain the difference in part number,” user leecbaker explains.

He also says that applications for the Bosch pressure sensor include GPS and indoor/outdoor navigation enhancement, weather forecasting, altimetry, and spirometry.

Another MacRumors forum user, kdarling, adds that the pins on the sensor perfectly fir those present in the schematic.

In addition, he notes that the BMP series in the document doesn’t have the humidity and temperature sensors found in Bosch’s BME series.

The September 9th Apple keynote should answer all these questions.