iPhone 6 leaked image shows September 9 release date?

French blog Nowhereelse has published an image of what is claimed to be a quick start guide from the iPhone 6 packaging.

From the picture it is possible to infer the launch day of the smartphone: Tuesday, September 9th, which is in line with countless rumors about the device’s announcement.

The photo also reiterates all rumors that have circulated regarding the handset’s new design features, including the silent switch and volume buttons on the left side, the relocated sleep button on the right side and the Home button with Touch ID sensor.

But not everybody agrees on the credibility of the photo. MacRumours, for one, calls the leak a fake.

The publication writes that Nowhereelse.fr takes the “10” date on the calendar icon of the iPhone 5S box as a proof that the iPhone 6 insert is real.

But the “10” date was initially a reference to the Monday, June 10, launch date of the iOS 7.

Anyway, the September 9th keynote could also be an opportunity for Apple to present the iOS 8 and possibly even the iWatch.