iPhone 6 launch date possible between September 16th-19th

iPhone 6 concept

According to Chinese publication PCInLife, the release of the Unicom version of the iPhone 6 will take place between September 16th and 19th.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, the information is consistent with Apple’s iPhone schedule.

The company usually makes the iPhone available for pre-order the Friday after its presentation, and the Friday after that it arrives on the market.

The rumor thus also echoes claims that the official unveiling of Apple’s next smartphone is set for September 9th.

Last year, the iPhone 5S was announced on September 10th and hit store shelves on September 19th.

This could also indicate that September 19th will be a global launch date, or the date when the device is released in some selected countries, followed by the others a little bit later.

Source: Weibo Via G for Games