iPhone 6 rumors: 5.5-inch model could get iPad-like interface

Following John Gruber’s predictions on the fact that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could have a 2208 x 1242 display at a “3x” Retina resolution, developer Steven Troughton-Smith has toyed with an iOS Simulator to get the latest version of the larger iPhone 6.

The developer managed to offer an idea of how apps could appear on a 5.5-inch 2208 x 1242 screen.

The results showed that the phablet model could offer the same experience as the iPad in terms of display.

Troughton-Smith noticed that the iOS Simulator has the ability to display applications in landscape mode on the iPhone 6 in the same way as on the iPad.

The images he posted show that the advantage of this type of presentation is to enable the display of two types of data on a single screen.

For example, the Calendar application on a 5.5-inch screen shows the view of an entire month, normally accessible in the same manner only on the iPad, or changing the mode of selecting a given day.

The same thing takes place with the Contacts, Calendar and Game Center applications at that resolution.

All we can do is wait for confirmation from Apple. Tomorrow all the rumors will get an answer as the iPhone 6 will finally be unveiled.

Via 9to5Mac