Apple introduces its first wrist watch: the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch

In a nod to Steve Jobs’ famous “one more thing” line, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the Apple Watch.

“We love to make great products that really enrich people’s lives. We love to integrate hardware, software and services seamlessly. We love to make technology more personal,” he said.

“We’ve been working incredibly hard for a long time on an entirely new product. And we believe this product will redefine what people expect from its category. I am so excited and so proud to share it with you this morning. It is the next chapter in Apple’s story.”

The video that played on the screen revealed what rumors have dubbed the iWatch.

“This is the most personal device we’ve ever created. We’ve set out to make the best watch in the world. One that is precise. It’s synchronized with a universal time standard,” Cook said.

The smart watch pairs with the Apple smartphones and comes in two sizes.

Navigation on the device can be done through a simple swipe of a finger and notifications are marked by a slight vibration.

The smartwatch has a curved glass OLED display with sapphire cover and comes with a set of watch faces with various customizable functions.

It is accurate to +/-50msa and with its Digital Crown you can scroll and navigate and even zoom in on the content without blocking the screen.

Users will be able to send and receive texts from the device which also supports Siri.

MagSafe and inductive charging are combined to allow inductive charging.

Health wise, the device comes with four sensors that include a heart-rate monitor, an accelerometer for body movement, a gyroscope, a Taptic Engine for haptic feedback and with the help of the iPhone’s Wi-Fi and GPS it can track distance.

Its custom designed S1 chip is completely encapsulated in order to protect the electronics.

Three versions of the watch will be available, namely Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and an 18 carat gold model called Apple Watch Edition, as well as six different interchangeable straps.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch Edition

The smart watch goes on sale in early 2015 and prices start at $349.