iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hands-on after Apple keynote


At the end of the September 9 keynote the press was able to take control of the two new smartphone for a few minutes.

The Verge’s David Pierce was on site and got the chance to test the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. He actually found that the smartphone “doesn’t really feel big. It feels good, even in smaller hands, and at least on this device Apple’s one-handed mode might not be terribly necessary.”

With the iPhone 6 Plus the maneuvering is different, but he did note the devices’ swift responses despite the larger screens.

On the part of Engadget, Brad Molen also offered a hands-on preview of the new Apple phones.

In order to get an idea of the bigger displays, he compared them to a 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and found the latter “just a tad wider and thicker than the Plus.”

Molen didn’t see any major differences between the two iPhone 6 models besides the thickness and the screen.

He appreciates the repositioning of the power button on the right side of the device as it makes it easier to reach the switch, but believes that the protruding camera module might not fit well with some users.

Finally, Darrell Etherington from TechCrunch offered his review of the new iPhones.

He found the iPhone 6 to be “noticeably larger, but what’s remarkable is that it doesn’t feel significantly bulky.”

He also notices the improvements in the camera module and the impressive screen resolution.

Regarding the iPhone 6 Plus, “a device that isn’t for the faint of hand,” Etherington salutes the introduction of a mode that slides the content to the lower part of the display for better reach.

Another advantage of the larger iPhone 6 is the landscape mode that lets users view apps in detail in most system software.