Apple Watch hands-on after September 9 presentation


Several journalists had the opportunity to enjoy a “real life” experience with the device.

Dieter Bohn from The Verge found the watch solid and light at the same time.

“This watch is meant to work for everyone, no matter what you like or what you want to do,” he wrote.

He concluded that the smartwatch looks better than other similar devices on the market but believes that the Moto 360 comes ahead of Apple’s new watch.

Engadget was present at the event as well and appreciated the Apple’s craft in designing the watch, especially the quality of the straps and the “smooth-scrolling crown control.”

However, he also noted that some might find it a bit bulky.

After the keynote, the journalists talked to company reps and found that the Watch is water-resistant, it doesn’t monitor sleeping and the inductive charger looks very similar to the company’s MagSafe chargers.

TechCrunch got the chance to test the smartwatch’s demo features.

The “Taptic” feedback was noticeably better than on other similar devices, being less harsh.

The 38mm seemed more appealing and the leather bands proved to be well-made and comfortable, fit for use during active utilization.

Apple reportedly paid great attention to the buttons and the smooth rotating action on the digital crown is bound to be one of the key features of the smartwatch.