Apple Watch Gold Edition could cost $1,200


Last Tuesday, Apple finally unveiled its smartwatch which will be available early next year.

There will be three categories of the device: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, as announced at the conference by CEO Tim Cook.

During the presentation, Cook also said that prices will start at $349. But the Apple Watch Edition is expected to cost significantly more.

After consultations with “jewelers familiar with the material,” TechCrunch now reports that the Gold ‘Apple Watch Edition’ could carry a price tag of about $1,200.

Also according to the tech site, the gold version of Apple Watch could cost Apple $600 to manufacture.

However, it is impossible to determine exactly how much the model will cost because the weight and the exact dimensions of the device were not provided by Apple, and also because it isn’t certain whether it will be made of gold or comes gold plated.