Sarah Silverman addresses rumors about marriage with boyfiend Michael Sheen


A recent article titled, “Sarah Wants a Ring,” claimed the comedian had left “pictures of engagement rings all over the place” so that Sheen would get the “hint” and propose.

The 43-year-old responded via Twitter, saying, “Just read that I wanna get married which is hilarious b/c I will never get married.”

“Why would I want the govt involved in my love life? Ew. It’s barbaric. That s–t never bothers me b/c who cares but I feel like this one is bigoted. The Jew girl MUST want a RING! Yich,” she added.

For his part, Sheen, 45, hasn’t reacted to the rumors yet.


The pair started dating in February after she attended his 45th birthday party.

Silverman previously dated Jimmy Kimmel and Family Guy writer Alec Sulkin. Sheen was in an 8-year relationship with Kate Beckinsale, with whom he has a daughter, until 2003.