Apple Watch could be released on Valentine’s Day in 2015


Apple’s first smartwatch was unveiled together with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at a conference held by the company on September 9.

Cupertino simply stated that the highly anticipated device would arrive in stores in “early 2015,” leaving Apple fans waiting.

Now The Information has discovered from sources familiar with the matter that the Watch was reportedly expected “until recently” to hit shelves this year.

“Earlier this year, Apple executives indicated to some employees and others involved in the product that it was expected launch for the holidays,” the publication wrote.

“But at some point in recent months that changed, according to these people, who surmised that Apple wanted more time on the software and the apps. The Information previously reported some development hiccups, including consideration of a new screen.”

The Information points to the possibility that Valentine’s Day, February 14, is the date chosen by Cupertino to launch the Apple Watch.

“Apple would be lucky to ship it by Valentine’s Day” in 2015, The Information claims.

The company initially planned to release the watch during the holiday period but there the hardware and software parts still need improvements before they reach the market.

Via 9to5Mac