Amber Rose slams Nick Cannon romance rumors


After her divorce from rapper Wiz Khalifa, rumors claimed that Nick Cannon, who is also her manager as of lately, was a reason for their split.

At the XXIV Karat Champagne launch party in Beverly Hills, Rose took the chance to refute the claims.

Asked what is the biggest lie she has ever heard about herself, she said with a laugh, “That I’ve slept with Nick Cannon!!!”

“NOT true,” she continued, “Cool for him…but no, didn’t happen.”

Cannon was also present at the XXIV Karat Champagne launch party and he and Amber were spotted together.

“Nick showed up around 9, he came to support Amber on her night out with friends,” a witness told E! News. “The two were seen mingling together, laughing and hugging while sharing some words.”