Tori Spelling sees Emily Goodhand for the first time after cheating scandal


Since then, no picture of the Goodhand had been published online, which sparked rumors that she might not be real.

But, in the second season premiere of Lifetime’s True Tori, for the first time Spelling sees a photo – which was never published – in Us Weekly magazine of the woman with whom her husband had an affair.

While looking at a picture of Emily Goodhand, the 41-year-old actress expressed her opinion on her looks.

“Oh god, I’m devastated,” she said. “Am I a b—h if I say I think she’s unattractive?”

Spelling also revealed that she did not know what Goodhand looked like.

“In my mind she looks like an Amish woman from the 1800s,” she said.

Speaking with her therapist, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star said that she was really surprised when she saw Goodhand’s photo.

“I was completely blown away by what Emily looked like, I found her unattractive,” she told her therapist.

“Before this, I would never have felt threatened by that girl.’ I’d be like, ‘My husband would never,’ but now all bets are off,” she continued.

“It could be anyone,” the actress added.

Prior to the premiere of second season of True Tori airing online on Tuesday, in a sneak peek of the show, Spelling made a confession to her husband.

“This is going to sound crazy,” she said. “I feel like I’m pregnant.”

However, in the last moments of the show, she reveals that she was not pregnant.