Taylor Swift opens up about childhood insecurities and tabloids rumors

In an interview with The Project, Swift talked about childhood insecurities that are present in her life even in her 20s.

“I always used to think to myself, ‘If I could just write songs, if I could just get a record deal, if I could just put out an album, then I swear I would be happy and I wouldn’t need anything else,” she revealed. “And I think then you grow up and realize that the same things that you deal with in your childhood affect you when you’re a grown up as well…You know, little kid, little problems—big kid, big problems.”

The 24-year-old singer also discussed the constants rumors that appear in the tabloids about her life and career.

“The fact that I get to write songs and put them out into the world and that’s my job, it out-weighs anything people could say about me that isn’t true,” she said. (via Daily Mail)

During an interview with 2DayFm on Sunday, the “I Knew You Were Trouble” star has addressed rumors that her songs are about her ex-boyfriends.

“My first album came out when I was 16, so I would write about my life as I saw it, as I felt it,” she said.

“[People] use you writing songs about your life as a way to play detective, and for me, I have a really strict personal policy that I never name names, so anybody saying a song is about a specific person is purely speculating,” she explained.