Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott fight over baked potatoes

In a recently unveiled clip, the couple is seen preparing dinner for their children.

Then an unlikely scene unfolds in which the two have an argument over how to bake the potatoes, which eventually turns into an angry fight over their marriage issues.

“You come from a place of knowing how to do everything better,” Spelling tells him.

“If I’m trying to figure out why is doesn’t work and you feel bad about it, that’s your problem,” Dean says.

“You having a reaction like this, makes me feel like I can’t bring stuff up,” she continues.

“Why are you even with me?” her husband eventually asks.

Later Spelling is asked by a producer why she chooses to remain in this relationship.

“When there’s children involved, you look at a relationship differently than if there were no children. I think every woman would agree with that,” she explains.

Things have taken a turn for the worse after McDermott’s cheating surfaced. Last week Tori was hospitalized for what was claimed to be a severe nervous breakdown.

Watch the dramatic clip below.